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About Us

Chloe Tuttle and Her Indispensible Crew

Chloe on ship's mast

Chloe Tuttle, Innkeeper - Chloe was born in the house that is now Big Mill Bed & Breakfast. Growing up on this country farm was idyllic: playing with her nephew Barney (two days her junior), climbing trees, swimming in the lake, riding mules, catching fireflies on hot summer nights and fishing in the creek that powered the Big Mill was, and still is, a piece of Heaven. The barns are still here, the fish still bite, the country store is the same …the fireflies still fascinate.

Before returning to Big Mill as an innkeeper, Chloe was a cook aboard a private sail boat for seven years, sailing from Maine to Guadeloupe, and primarily in the Bahamas. Now, she's been an innkeeper for 20 years ...and still loves it!

Our Wedding Team

photographer in flower garden

Guy Livesay - Our wedding photographer. Guy captures those special moments on camera and also photographs our wonderful butterflies, birds and critters.

man playing piano, singing

Barney Conway - Wedding officiant, musician with Barney Conway and the Shadows, Director of Martin County Travel & Tourism right here in the county. He's a fix-it fellow and all around great guy. He is also my nephew and was born in this house, two days after Chloe.

casual portrait of woman

Betsy Conway - Betsy is a great talent and we are lucky to have Betsy coordinating our Weddings and Elopements. And if you need a very special cake, Betsy is the one to call. Yes, she is family.

Indispensible Crew

photo of two people

Carlis and Fay Lee keep the grounds perfect and we couldn’t do it without them.

man repairing window frame

Bobby Leggett can fix anything, even if it isn’t broken. We have all adopted Bobby. He is my partner in saving our earth.

casual photo of young lady

Susan Modlin came to us originally as a B&B guest and is now our adopted redneck debutante. Susan is invaluable to us at Big Mill B&B, as a friend and as someone who can fix anything.

casual photo of woman

Delores Staton - Dolores has helped us do whatever needs to be done. She is a great woman and what would we do without her?

casual photo of senior laldy

Tilly Little - We feel very lucky to have this nationally certified and State licensed massage therapist with us at Big Mill. Our guests appreciate her and return often for Tilly's sensitive and healing touch.

three young people on hammock

We are so happy to have Elda, Osvaldo and Alex as part of our team. I couldn’t do it without this dynamic trio.

woman in cotton field

Kathy D. is our friendly consultant and invaluable, occasional Innkeeper.

man on garden tractor

Monk Gurkin - who rescues us all the time and yes, Monk is my nephew. He keeps all the grounds around here and on the farm looking perfect.

young lady at computer

Jody Murphy at Magnify My Marketing, good friend, Facebook and blog consultant, all things social media and all-around internet marketing expert... always trying fun things to see what sticks.

stunningly hansome couple

Charles & Ellen Snodgrass of Deep Creek Arts – former innkeepers and the best webmasters in the universe. They keep us ahead of the curve.

man on motorcycle

Don Beach moved to Williamston to retire from the cold north. When we learned how great he is at fixing things, his retirement didn’t happen! Don is there when we need him and he is a great guy.

man operating digging equipment

John Amiano moved to NC from the north and he decided to stay. John can fix everything so he is a fixture at Big Mill. Sometimes John and Don work together if we have big problems.

Our 'mousers'

tabby-colored cat

We can never forget Moses. But I saw this tiny cat with big ears. So now Raisin is here at Big Mill with all of us. She is getting used to the farm life and has lots of energy – I have only been able to get one in-focus photo. Expect to see her out and about next time you visit.

black cat

Effie came here as a stray. Friends and guests collected money to have her “fixed” so that someone would love her and take her home. Wonderful B&B guests from New Jersey really wanted to take Effie but there were kittens involved. I took her to the Vet for her operation, telling him to please treat her like Miz Biltmore. And you probably know the rest of this story: Effie lives at Big Mill B&B now. She is a precious addition to our team. She will visit you if you are a guest here and she will peep in your window.

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