Chloe's Farmhouse Tomato Sandwich
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Chloe Tuttle, Innkeeper

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Chloe's Farmhouse Tomato Sandwich

There are many versions of this classic sandwich, but the down-home plain and simple sandwich made with white bread and Duke's mayonnaise is the award winner.

1 medium size ripe, homegrown, tomato

2 slices bread (even the bread of my youth like Wonder Bread works great.) I really do like Pepperidge Farm Oat Bread now.

2 Tablespoons Duke's Mayonnaise *

Salt and pepper

Wash and cut the tomato into thick slices. Spread the mayonnaise onto both slices of the bread, one side only. Make sure to spread the mayonnaise to the edge of each slice of bread.

Place the tomato slices on one piece of bread. Add salt and pepper. Cover with the second slice of bread, mayonnaise side down, of course.

Cut the sandwich into two pieces and enjoy the best tomato sandwich ever. How to cut the sandwich is also debatable.

Serves 1.

*All southerners know Duke's is the best.

nothing says Summer like a fresh Tomato Sandwich. Chloe at Big Mill tells you exactly how southerners make their tomato sandwiches |

How to make the perfect tomato sandwich – innkeeper’s recipe

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